What do people with diabetes say about our courses?

27 June 2021

Recognising the importance of booking a diabetes education course is already a great step. But it’s crucial to have the reassurance that diabetes courses and their providers are of good quality. The best way to get that reassurance is hearing from the people who know best – people with diabetes that have taken one of the courses! This is what they had to say…

DESMOND – Newly Diagnosed & Foundation modules

“Going on a Desmond course for type 2 diabetes made a complete difference. I began to lose weight. I began to get my blood sugar levels down to where they should be, my cholesterol levels began to come down as well.

“I felt much more confident in myself that I could manage my diabetes. I began to feel my life was beginning to return to normal.”

“I attended a DESMOND course just after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It answered a lot of questions for me and eliminated the myths I had picked up. It’s a must if you want to manage your diabetes and avoid the side effects.

Diabetes Live Well – led by the Oxleas NHS Community Diabetes Team

“I knew my lifestyle had to change but wasn’t sure where to start. The Diabetes Team did though and within just a few months I have overhauled my diet and lost 4 stone. 

“I eat a fraction of the calories I used to and have improved my long-term health, knowing how to keep fitter and healthier to reduce my risk of diabetes-related problems.”

“I found out more in one day, than in the months since finding out I had diabetes.”

It’s fair to say that these reviews speak for themselves. They detail exactly what can be gained by booking a course – so don’t delay it any longer.

Digital Diabetes Management (DDM): the Low Carb Program

“After a long time using the Low Carb Program, I have placed type 2 diabetes into remission. Unbelievable! This app does work!”

“I’m the happiest I’ve been in years.”

“I’m in Type 2 diabetes remission after (being diagnosed for) 5 years. I’ve come off all my diabetes medication!” 

“I’m a vegetarian and lost 13kg (2st) and am in Type 2 Diabetes Remission.”


“It’s been great to use and find out how other people with diabetes cope.”

“I hope others will find the help and advice from you as helpful as I have.”

“A tremendous help in helping me to go forward and lose that weight.” 

“myDesmond is the best Haynes manual of diabetes control that I’ve found so far.” 

“The programme has encouraged me to keep going and not just with the exercise, it has encouraged me to knock my calories down.” 

“All my answers have come from myDesmond.”

Second Nature

“For the very first time in my 50 years on this planet, I have found a meal plan that works for me. I have lost the extra weight I’ve gained during lockdown and I can’t stop smiling. I’m back in control again.” 

“The meals are easy to prepare (thanks to the handy shopping list attached to each meal) and my entire household is enjoying the delicious flavours from each meal. I am truly so grateful to this team.”

“I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January. The diabetic nurse said if I went away and lost a stone I may not need metformin. I went back to see her today and my glucose levels have gone down to 6! Yay! She said I don’t know what you have done but keep it up. Feeling very proud of myself. Thank you Second Nature.”

X-PERT Health

“Losing weight consistently feeling more healthy and enjoying the food I eat. HbA1c down 12 points!! Into the normal range.”

“Excellent training provider. Their diabetes prevention course was extremely informative and interesting.”

“In my opinion, if there is only one course diabetics should attend it is X-PERT. Anyone attending this course will understand how to combat diabetes and hopefully have their diabetes go into remission. I’m sure that everybody attending this course will get a lot out of it. My only regret is that this course was not available 6 years ago as it has had enormous benefits for myself.”

If you need more help or information on which course to select, click here.