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NHS South London Diabetes Education Booking Service

A new and easy way to access diabetes education in south London

Managing Hypo Anxiety by Dr Jen Nash, Clinical Psychologist

If you worry about hypos then please be reassured - you’re completely normal! Worrying about hypos is very common – one study found that 25 per cent of people with diabetes reported that worrying about hypos is a serious problem for them (Polonsky, 1999).

21st Oct 2019 10:008C Victoria Drive
Type 2, Face to Face

DESMOND Split Day Course - Tudor Lodge Health Centre

This course is great for those who struggle with full day courses. You can attend two three hour sessions instead a week apart, allowing more time to digest the information in-between.

21st Oct 2019 09:30Morden
Type 2, Face to Face


“The whole course was fantastic and very useful.” The feedback we get from people attending our DESMOND courses is extremely positive. The staff running our courses are very experienced diabetes specialist nurses and dietitians. We also involve specially trained local people who are extremely knowledgeable and very supportive.

Type 2, Remote

100% remote Diabetes Education

You can choose to interact with Oviva digitally using our online resources and app or choose an offline programme using phone calls and printed materials/DVD content. The patient is in control of how they interact with their personal dietitian and can switch between the methods of interaction throughout the programme depending on their needs.

Am I getting the education that I need to manage my diabetes?

People with diabetes need effective patient education to enable them to manage their diabetes on a day-to-day basis.

Looking to boost your diabetes education

“Whilst I was a little apprehensive about going to a group course, I found hearing about diabetes with others who were like me was really helpful. Lots of what I learnt I was able to do straight away. I’m so glad I went. ”

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