Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now delivering our education courses contact free by providing tailored, personal support online via an app or over the phone. We are also trialling some group education sessions online via video.

At this current time it is unclear when our in person face to face courses will resume and so we urge everyone with diabetes to explore our range of digital diabetes education courses.

If you would like more information please contact us on 020 3474 5500.

Need help? Call us on 020 3474 5500

Healthcare Professionals

Welcome to the section dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals working in diabetes and diabetes education

Frequently Asked Questions

For GPs please use the dedicated referral forms in either DXS, Emis or Vision depending on your local preferrences. Or you can use the dedicated HCP referral form on this site: diabetesbooking.co.uk/refer
Adults with Type 2 diabetes registered with a south London GP will usually be referred by GPs or by Healthcare Professionals from their community diabetes clinic
Providers of courses with Type 1 courses will be able to join the website on very soon. Diabetes Book & Learn will notify GPs and Healthcare Professionals at the same time to make sure the service receives Type 1 referrals.
Course providers are asking primary care staff to refer using dedicated Diabetes Book & Learn referrals forms in either DXS, Emis or Vision depending on their local referral routes.
Spirit Healthcare, the Diabetes Book & Learn Provider has a very experienced Diabetes Specialist Nurse who can help provide advice and support to staff on more complex referrals and to support training. This will not be on a full-time basis

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