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OVIVA - Type 2

Oviva Diabetes Support is a person-centred approach to type 2 diabetes education putting the patient in control of how they interact with content and their Specialist Diabetes Dietitian.


Education in the comfort of your own home

As a 100% remote service, patients can engage with Oviva Diabetes Support from the comfort of their own home.  Each patient is assigned a personal dietitian to guide them through the 9 week Oviva journey using online or offline tools depending on the patient's needs, they can choose what is suitable for them.

After signing up all patients receive a call from one of our Patient Pathway Coordinators to tell them more about the programme, assign them to their personal Dietitian and book their first dieitian consultation.  All patients will then have an initial 45 minute phone consultation with their dietitian to set a personalised action plan followed by 8 weeks of coaching via either the Oviva app or phone calls, all delivered by their personal dietitian remotely.

Each patient will also have access to a wide range of content, videos, podcasts, recipes and meal plans designed to help them understand their diabetes and how they can adopt a healthier lifestyle.  

In addition, patients can use the Oviva app to track food and activity (either through patient input or by connecting the app to the patient's wearable device, i.e. FitBit), interact with their personal Specialist Diabetes Dietitian through secure messaging, log a food diary, set and monitor goals.   The app is not compulsory and patients can complete the full Oviva Diabetes Support programme without using the app if they prefer. 


Skilled Dietitians

All of Oviva's Specialist Diabetes Dietitians are highly skilled in behaviour change methods to support patients achieve a healthier diet and improved activity levels not only during the Oviva Diabetes Support programme, but to sustain that healthier lifestyle over the long term. After the programme patients will have lifelong access to the Oviva app, content and materials to help them sustain their healthier lifestyle over the long term.


Oviva is a NICE-aligned, QISMET-accredited structured education and behavioural change programme for adults with type 2 diabetes.


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“I felt the Oviva programme was easy to understand and helped a great deal, especially with things like meal planning… I was very frightened when I was first diagnosed, and did not accept my diagnosis for a year - but I’ve found the programme has helped me come to terms with my diagnosis”