Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now delivering our education courses contact free by providing tailored, personal support online via an app or over the phone. We are also trialling some group education sessions online via video.

At this current time it is unclear when our in person face to face courses will resume and so we urge everyone with diabetes to explore our range of digital diabetes education courses.

If you would like more information please contact us on 020 3474 5500.

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Oviva - Type 2

What is Oviva?

Oviva Diabetes Support is a completely free 9 week programme that puts you in control of your health by offering personalised support from a specialist dietitian to help you improve your health, achieve your goals and stay motivated.

As a 100% remote service, you can take part in the programme from the comfort of your own home. After you sign up you will be assigned a personal dietitian who will create your personalised action plan and then coach you to achieve these goals during regular appointments over the following weeks via either the Oviva app or phone calls.

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You can choose to take part digitally using our online resources and NHS Digital approved smartphone app or choose an offline programme using phone calls, printed materials and DVD content.

The Oviva app is an easy way to keep a photo food diary and keep track of your weight, physical activity and goals. Your dietitian will support you by providing regular feedback on your progress, helping you to maintain a healthier lifestyle. You will also have access to information tailored to your specific needs, such as managing type 2 diabetes or healthy eating on a budget.

All of this will support you making diet and lifestyle changes that can improve your health and emotional wellbeing. Although interaction with your personal dietitian lasts 9 weeks you will continue to have access to the resources for life; so you can always check back to help you tackle setbacks and maintain changes.

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Programme style

  • One-to-one coaching from a personal diabetes specialist dietitian.
  • Evidence-based learning materials to help you meet your goals.
  • Track progress and stay in touch with your dietitian using the Oviva app.
  • Remote package that provides personalised education and dietitian support – either digital (app and website) or via phone and DVD.
  • 9 weeks of support and ongoing access to the resources and app.

How can the Oviva programme help me?

Oviva is a new and innovative way to learn about healthier lifestyle choices at a time that suits you. If you join, you could lose weight, improve your blood sugar, reduce your risk of diabetes complications and feel more confident managing your health even after the programme ends.

Because of the regular and personalised dietary support given on an Oviva programme, it is very likely that people learn more about their diabetes and make healthy eating choices.
In a trial in North West London, people who took part in the programme reached on average a weight loss of 3kg, and reduced their HbA1c by 9 mmol/mol. The majority of people who have used Oviva said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend a friend or family member to join Oviva Diabetes Support.


Is Oviva suitable for me?

Oviva is ideal if you:

  • Prefer to have online or remote support.
  • Want flexible appointment times during the evenings or at weekends.
  • Want specialist dietary support to help make the right food choices.
  • Require an interpreter - if you have a family member who can interpret for you, they are welcome to join the phone calls with your dietitian. Alternatively if you require an interpreter, we can assign you a dietitian who speaks your preferred language or use a tele-interpreter service during your phone call appointments.

What people who attended Oviva thought of the course

People who have used Oviva have said:

“My diagnosis came out of the blue – it was a big shock and a big wake-up call to improve my health. Working with my Oviva dietitian was a really personalised experience and the app was brilliant at showing me how to change my lifestyle. My partner has been cooking healthier meals, and I have become far more active.”


What will I have to do on the programme?

That’s easy! You need to be prepared to create and follow an action plan with your personal dietitian. Your dietitian will be able to answer any questions you have about type 2 diabetes and give you practical advice on managing your health. You will need to keep track of your weight, physical activities and goals so that your dietitian can give you regular feedback on your progress. You can use the Oviva app as an activity log, or you can keep track in a notebook.

What if I decide this is not for me?

We think you will find Oviva a great help in learning more about, and getting control of your diabetes. However, if the idea of using Oviva sounds too difficult that is fine. There are lots of other diabetes courses to choose from including one day group sessions. The Government recognise the power of knowledge and the importance of giving you the skills to manage your own diabetes, that is why we are offering a choice of free courses at diabetes book and learn. Why not find an alternative option here (link to diabetes book & learn) or ring our friendly call centre for more information.


Oviva is a NICE-aligned, QISMET-accredited structured education and behavioural change programme for adults with type 2 diabetes.


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“I felt the Oviva programme was easy to understand and helped a great deal, especially with things like meal planning… I was very frightened when I was first diagnosed, and did not accept my diagnosis for a year - but I’ve found the programme has helped me come to terms with my diagnosis”