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Second Nature - Type 2

Second Nature is a 12-week behavioural change programme for people living with type 2 diabetes that's primarily delivered through a smartphone or tablet app.

The programme helps you build healthier habits, learn more about type 2 diabetes and supports long-term lifestyle change by providing:

  • Evidence-based structured education on living with diabetes, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and positive psychology
  • Peer group support (an online group of 10 others similar to you)
  • Personalised health coaching from a registered dietitian
  • Tracking technology (smart weighing scales and a wearable activity tracker).

How it works

Over 3 months, we help you make the small changes that will lead to big results.

When you sign up

Your Healthbox containing your smart scales, Second Nature handbook, recipe book and optional activity tracker will arrive in the post a few days before your start date.

Select your start date that suits you. Groups start every Monday

Get access to the app and your personal tracking dashboard

Meet your dedicated health coach and support group through the app


The programme

Over the next 12 weeks, work together with your health coach to set and achieve realistic goals.

You’ll get daily articles to guide you towards your goal. Your mentor will be on hand to answer questions and keep you accountable until your new habits become routine.

Learn to build balanced meals that keep you full

Increase your activity levels by tracking your steps with others

Tackle negative thought patterns and eat more mindfully

Learn to navigate setbacks, social situations and eating out

Graduate to Sustain

After 12 weeks, you have the option to transition to Sustain for £10 a month following the initial 3 months which are free. You can stay on Sustain until you feel confident you no longer need the support.

Continue getting support from your health coach on the app

Read weekly articles in the app to keep you motivated

Keep tracking your progress on the dashboard using the scales and tracker



Second Nature is QISMET accredited Type 2 Diabetes structured education, health-tracking technology and personalised health coaching from a dietitian.


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“Now for the good news. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January. The diabetic nurse said if I went away and lost a stone I may not need metformin. I went back to see her today and my glucose levels have gone down to 6!! Yay!. She said I don't know what you have done but keep it up.
Feeling very proud of myself. Thank you Second Nature”