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X-PERT - Type 1

X-PERT is one of the longest-standing diabetes education courses for people with diabetes and to date, approximately 300,000 patients have had access to the resources. X-PERT Health aims to make sure everyone has access to high quality and enjoyable structured education that will allow you to develop the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to take charge of your condition and improve your health by managing your blood glucose levels effectively when using insulin.


Course Style

X-PERT is a face-to-face group course of six sessions, each 2 ½ hours long.
It is a course facilitated by a trained and quality assured X-PERT educator, with up to 12 people with diabetes in each session. Each participant is also invited to bring along a supporting relative or friend.

X-PERT is based on person-centred discovery learning and uses peer-to-peer learning and visual aids to help you understand your diabetes and health. The course is multi-award winning, regularly audited and updated based on the latest scientific evidence.

As well as the group session the participants are also provided with a comprehensive handbook and throughout the programme receive information on the effect of diet, physical activity, stress, sleep, medications and more. All this, together with individual goal setting activities and additional support through our free online forum will enable you to confidently self-manage your diabetes.


What could be the benefits of attending?

- Improved blood glucose levels
- Fewer experiences of hypoglycaemia
- Healthier eating
- Improved wellbeing and quality of life
- Knowledge of diabetes and managing your condition
- Reduce medication

Who is X-PERT best suited to?

X-PERT is best suited to people who:

- Enjoy sharing their experiences, interacting with and learning from others
- Learn best with a non-didactic approach with week-by-week goal setting
- Will benefit from a comprehensive take-home resource and ongoing support
- Those who like flexibility with sessions such as evenings and weekends