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DAFNE - Type 1

DAFNE was created in 2000. It is offered nationally with over 43,000 'DAFNE graduates'. It allows people to develop skills for insulin dose adjusting, based on their own body's requirements. This gives people with t1DM a systematic approach to their diabetes, allowing them to fit their diabetes around their life and enable them to eat what and when they want. It follows a nationally recognised curriculum and educator training programme.


DAFNE courses run for 5 days - either 1 week or split over 5 weeks.  Friends and family are welcome to attend on one of the five days.



NICE technology appraisal 2003 and QiC award 2016 for improving access to DAFNE 

“Eight of us attended this new-fangled DAFNE course, and I can claim that it altered my life. If any fellow sufferer has not yet taken advantage of the courses on offer, then I can strongly recommend them.” ”